Ban political donations Positive step for democracy in South Africa: Australian Institute

The South Australian Labor Party’s pledge to abolish political donations after the upcoming state elections is a positive step for South Africa that would help restore confidence in politics at a critical time, Australia said. Institute.

“If implemented well, these reforms could revolutionize politics in South Australia and become a model for other states and territories across the country,” said Noah Schultz-Byard, SA director at the Australia Institute. .

“Politics in Australia should be a contest of ideas, not an auction where government spoils are bought by the highest bidder.

“With the South Australian Greens also supporting a ban on political donations, it’s time for all political parties in the state to come together and work together to deliver this positive reform.”

“The growing role of money in Australian politics is a threat to the long-term health of our democracy,” said Bill Browne, senior researcher in the Democracy & Accountability program at the Australia Institute.

“Avoiding a descent into an American-style system fueled by big donations from mega-donors is a laudable goal, but it won’t be simple reform.

“Avoiding pitfalls, such as allowing wealthy individuals to finance their own campaigns or excluding new entrants to the political system, will be essential. It will take time and a real commitment to hold regular voters accountable to South Australia’s vested interests to get this reform right.

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