Don’t Be Fooled By DeSantis’ “Hurricane Hero” Tale

It will probably be short, I’m on my phone.

I’m sitting here watching DeSantis look completely normal as a politician talking about Hurricane Ian. I’ve also heard speculation in the media that Ron DeSantis is somehow better than orange because he can get up and do pressers like these in an emergency and not absolutely shit the bed. Don’t be fooled by his calm demeanor, the man is still a fascist.

Just last week, we were all shocked in horror when Dark DeSantis plunged into the depths of dirty political tricks and duped hundreds of immigrants who came here seeking asylum from the violence DeSantis directed at him. -even pissed on himself, and flew them all over the country. on a pile of lies. He’s the man the media is now discussing as the strong and calm 2024 candidate gently guiding his state through an emergency.

The media loves a Republican redemption narrative, especially when it’s been craving it for so long because Trump has absolutely no redeeming ability.

DeSantis is more insidious than Trump because of moments like this, when it seems like he could almost be normal, like he could almost keep the trains running on time. But that’s a lie. He’s a wolf in a suit waiting to swallow anyone who disagrees with him. Political media that disagree with his sociopathic political platforms will be the first course. Be careful who you sleep with, the political media. Please learn this lesson of 2016!