Justice Department investigates Postmaster General DeJoy over political donations by former employees

WASHINGTON – Justice Department is investigating Post Minister Louis DeJoy in connection with campaign contributions from former employees who worked for him when he was in the private sector, NBC News confirmed Thursday.

DeJoy spokesman Mark Corallo said in a statement to NBC that DeJoy, who has been a major Republican fundraiser and donor, has always been “scrupulous” in following campaign finance laws “and never knowingly violated them ”.

“Sir. DeJoy has fully cooperated and responded to questions posed by Congress regarding these matters,” Corallo said. gave Mr DeJoy a good health check on his disclosure and divestment issues.

The U.S. Postal Service declined to comment on the matter, which involves DeJoy’s time as CEO of North Carolina-based New Breed Logistics. The Justice Department and the FBI also declined to comment.

The investigation was first reported Thursday by the Washington Post. Citing people familiar with the matter and the spokesperson for DeJoy, the newspaper said that FBI agents recently interviewed current and former DeJoy and company employees about political contributions and company activities. .

Last September, the Post reported that former DeJoy employees at New Breed Logistics claimed they felt pressured by him or his associates to make contributions to attend political fundraisers or donate to candidates. Republicans in the election then were reimbursed with bonuses. So-called straw donor programs that escape the campaign finance contribution limits are illegal under federal law.

Then President Donald Trump reported at the time that he would support an investigation into DeJoy and suggested he could be fired from the postal service if he violated campaign finance laws.

“Yeah, if anything could be proven to do something wrong, always.” Always, ”Trump said.

DeJoy took up his post as Postmaster General in June of last year. He was not charged with a felony and has already denied that he violated campaign finance laws.

Peter williams contributed.