Legislation would ban political donations from public services

Dominion Energy has been a major force in Virginia politics for years, though some lawmakers are uncomfortable with the idea that a state-regulated utility monopoly could spend campaign money on gain influence.

Delegate Lee Ware is a Powhatan Republican who says it’s time to ban lawmakers from taking money from any public service. “They have to be accountable to the State Corporation Commission and not use huge lobbying funds and a big lobbying body to move around and get what they want from the assembly,” Ware told a conference. press Monday.

Senator Chap Petersen is a Democrat from Fairfax City, and he unsuccessfully introduced bills banning utility campaign contributions for many years. But this year could be different. “I can get some of my caucus. I can’t get all of them. I certainly can’t get those higher up in leadership,” Petersen said. “But I can get some of my caucus. But I need – we need, the Commonwealth needs – the new governor to take a strong stance on this issue and hopefully that will change the dynamic.”

During the election campaign, Glenn Youngkin said he would disrupt entrenched interests in Richmond. Now that he is in the executive mansion, the governor may have an opportunity to disrupt the way certain entrenched interests do business.

This report, provided by Virginia Public Radio, was made possible thanks to the support of the Virginia Education Association.