Trends in the Political Donations Report

There are some interesting contrasts between political parties in the Yukon and their finances.

Through Tim giilck to September 3, 2021

There are some interesting contrasts between political parties in the Yukon and their finances.

Elections Yukon figures are available for 2020 donations to various parties. A few things immediately jump out to a reader.

First, the NDP has received donations from over 500 donors.

Second, the Yukon Party has raised an impressive amount of money.

Third, many of the Liberals’ donations came from their own ministers and family members. Prime Minister Sandy Silver was his own party’s biggest donor.

Yukon Party leader Currie Dixon told The Star this week that there were “some notable points” in the Elections Yukon report.

“It’s a positive thing for us,” he said. “And I think the NDP should be happy with their results. “

As for the Liberals, Dixon was quick to say that the report does not portray them in a flattering light.

“Most of their donations came from their own ranks,” he said. “This is not a positive indication of popular support.

“The Prime Minister donated about 10 percent of the money they received. Any political party wants to see broad support.”

The list of liberal donors certainly seems to show a tight-knit coterie of support.

Silver made two donations to the party: one for $ 7,000 and one for $ 1,560.

Jason Cunning, a leading Liberal supporter and a leading aide to the Prime Minister, donated $ 1,720.

Cabinet Minister Ranj Pillai donated $ 1,500, while Minister Tracy-Anne McPhee donated $ 1,490.

Minister John Streicker donated $ 1,100 while Jeanie McLean contributed $ 1,000.

Minister Richard Mostyn contributed $ 520, and other members of the Mostyn family also contributed.

TD Canada Trust Bank provided $ 1,000. BMC Minerals in British Columbia donated $ 500.

Longtime supporter Lesley Cabott donated $ 500.

The party raised a total of $ 41,160 in donations and in-kind.

“We are very pleased with the results of our fundraising in 2020 and over the past three years,” Liberal Vice President Carly Carruthers said today.

“During this period, our numbers are very similar to those of the Yukon Party. Clearly, the Yukon Party’s fundraising efforts did not translate into an election victory in 2021, showing that raising the most money is not always the best measure of success, ”added Carruthers.

The NDP received 509 donations for a total of $ 91,163.10.

Chef Kate White contributed $ 1,250. She was one of the main donors.

Robin Steudel donated $ 1,335. The main contributor was Skeeter Wright, with a contribution of $ 1,440.

There were no corporate or corporate donations.

White said it “was incredibly humbling to see so many people contributing to the party.

“So many people supported the party, whether they donated five dollars or a thousand dollars. It’s inspiring.

She said she had contributed to the party herself since getting involved in politics.

“I can’t ask people to donate if I don’t support the party myself,” she said.

François Picard, NDP chief of staff, said today: “As you can see from the reports from the previous year, they are waaaay. Which, to be fair, is normal in the build-up to an election.

“It will generally go down after each election and recover. But I don’t think a party has had so many individual donors in a year, at least since I can find reports, ”Picard added.

The Yukon Party received 161 cash donations totaling nearly $ 103,000. Thanks to in-kind donations, this total climbed to $ 110,246.48,

Dixon said it was a record amount for any party in the territory.

Many members of his caucus gave money, like the Liberals, but the party received many more corporate donations than the Liberals or the NDP.

Midnight Sun Drilling of Whitehorse was the big contributor with $ 10,000. Pelly Construction Ltd. donated $ 8,000.

CAP Management Services provided $ 5,000, as did PNW Waste Removal.

Veteran MP Brad Cathers donated $ 1,925, while fellow MP Stacey Hassard donated $ 1,550.

MP Patricia McLeod provided $ 1,200, while caucus colleague Scott Kent donated $ 1,100.

Dixon himself contributed $ 764.27.