Black voters call out GM for political donations to Republicans

A coalition of justice groups is calling on Michigan’s biggest companies to stop contributing to Republican lawmakers who impose restrictive election policies.

Driving the news: Dozens of activists gathered outside General Motors headquarters at the Renaissance Center on Monday to protest GM, Blue Cross Blue Shield, DTE and Consumers Energy’s political contributions to Republican lawmakers.

Why is this important: The Defend the Coalition of Black Voters says companies that have publicly celebrated on June 16 and donates to racial justice organizations also contribute to Republicans who support Secure IM Votinga initiative Black voter groups say access to the vote is shrinking.

What they say : “We came to the Renaissance Center to force them to see us and hear us,” Cassy Jones-McBryde, an organizer with the coalition of voters, told Axios. “Do they care about black voters or black car buyers?”

The context: Political action committees for GM, BCBS and the two energy companies support lawmakers from both political parties.

Yes, but: PACs for Michigan BSCS and DTE Donated More to Michigan Caucus Committee Senate Republicans that they don’t have Senate Democrats over the past decade, according to the Michigan Campaign Finance Network.

What they say : “These companies and all corporate interests are making large donations to the Republican Party and barely to the Democratic Party,” Sen. Jeff Irwin, D-Ann Arbor, told Axios.

  • IrwinThe campaign committee received contributions from the same companies, including $750 from DTE last November, “but compare to my fellow Republicans and you’ll find a big difference,” he says.