Candidates for Biden ambassadors have made substantial political donations, intensifying the decades-long bipartisan trend

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President Biden has appointed political donors and Democratic Party notables as ambassadors at a higher rate than previous administrations, according to a government watchdog.

According to American Accountability Foundation (AAF) data reviewed by Fox News Digital, six candidates in the queue for Ambassador Biden have given a total of nearly $13 million in Democratic political contributions during their careers. It worsens the already high ratio of political donors among Biden’s nominations – and raises questions about a promise Biden made during his campaign.

“Biden has broken another campaign promise as he piles his ambassadorial candidates with some of the deepest campaign pockets on the left-wing agenda,” said American Accountability Foundation founder Tom Jones. “No one should be able to buy their place in a luxurious position as an ambassador.”


President Joe Biden pauses as he speaks at the White House on September 9, 2021.
(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Biden promised to nominate based on qualifications and suitability for the position in his campaign, but the Oval Office hopeful refused to rule out donors as candidates well before the election.

“I will nominate the best people I can,” Biden told reporters during a stop on his “No Malarky” tour ahead of the 2020 election. “No one, in fact, will be nominated by me based on his contribution.”

Biden then defended possible future political appointees as “fully qualified individuals” who “may or may not have contributed” to politics.

“You have some of the people who are fully qualified to lead everything, from the ambassador to NATO to the ambassador to France, who may or may not have contributed,” Biden clarified.

So far, the majority of President Biden’s nominees for ambassadorships have been political appointees — often big Democratic donors and key party players. A higher percentage of political candidates have been nominated under Biden than his predecessors.

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson watches the action during the Tennessee Titans game at MetLife Stadium on October 3, 2021, in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson watches the action during the Tennessee Titans game at MetLife Stadium on October 3, 2021, in East Rutherford, New Jersey.
(Al Pereira/Getty Images)

Politically motivated ambassadorial appointments are a practice simultaneously condemned and practiced by both sides of the aisle.

President Trump has nominated Woody Johnson, the New York Jets owner who raised money for Trump’s presidential campaign and donated funds to help pay for the inaugural festivities, to become US Ambassador to the UK. United.


While rewarding donors may seem as old as presidential elections, the practice has become more of an issue with each administration.

According to Data of the American Foreign Service Association in 2021, 26 appointed ambassadors were already drawn from the ranks of career foreign service officers, compared to 29 among “other” or political appointees. Biden’s current track record puts him at 53% political appointees, though many spots remain without a candidate.

In 2021, the association noted 43.5% of the outgoing president AssetAmbassadors were political figures. This was considered relatively high compared with for 30% politically appointed ambassadors under former President Barack obama, 31% under George W. Bush and 28% by Bill Clinton.