CVS under fire from political donations from the right

Sunday 12 September 2021

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CVS faces more criticism for political donations to candidates and right-wing causes

Woonsocket-based CVS is criticized by groups claiming to support Texas lawmakers who pushed to limit abortions in that state and by one of the leading nursing organizations who claim the company is funneling millions of dollars through a black money organization to block Medicare reforms. .

The pressure from advocacy groups comes on top of a 2018 report on how CVS was a major backer of President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign.

While CVS may be in the politically blue northeast, its campaign dollars often go to conservative and red state causes.


CVS is the 4th largest company in the United States by revenue.

Nurses blow up CVS on National Zoom

Friday, United national nurses hosted a National Zoom to discuss what they’re saying is how CVS funneled $ 5 million to the black money group Partnership for the Future of Healthcare in America.

It is the largest donation in the country to the anti-Medicare-for-All group, according to Riley Brann during the Zoom.

Lee Fang, reporter for Interception, wrote: “CVS’s seven-figure donation is the largest known contribution to the PAHCF, which was formed in 2018 to lobby and advocate against proposals such as Medicare for All, the public option and similar reforms. which have gained increasing support in recent years. year. PAHCF is a 501 (c) (4) and is not required to disclose donor information.

“Last year, the PAHCF inundated voters in Democratic primary states such as South Carolina with ads urging voters to oppose Medicare for All. In states considering the public option, the group hired local lobbyists and ran ads designed to discourage state lawmakers from voting for the plan. And just before the general election, the group again ran ads attacking the public option, ”The Intercept reported.

CVS defends the PAHCF. “The Partnership for America’s Healthcare Future (PAHCF) is a coalition with a stated mission to build on and improve what works, where private coverage, Medicare and Medicaid work together to expand access to coverage and care. CVS Health does not currently fund PAHCF, ”said Mike DeAngelis, CVS Health Corporate Communications.

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The RI-based Womxn project blows up the organization headquartered in Woonsocket.

CVS allegations supporting Texas lawmakers who passed anti-abortion law

Rhode Island Woman Project this week announced the launch of a campaign to demand that CVS stop giving money to politicians attacking abortion access.

“CVS Health is headquartered here in Rhode Island. They gave more than $ 70,000 to Texas lawmakers who pushed Senate Bill 8, a horrific policy that removes access to abortion in early pregnancy and threatens people with lawsuits if they help. someone to get treatment, ”Project Womxn said in a statement.

According to The Womxn Project, “CVS has a slogan“ for your own good. ”Well, it doesn’t do anyone any good and is downright dangerous to support the abortion ban. big business here in our backyard really hurts. ”

“We demand that they publicly commit to stop giving money to any legislator who uses their power to impede access to abortion and erect barriers to reproductive health care. women at all ages ”and then contribute to the politicians who care that one in four women will use in their lifetime,” the organization said.

“CVS should not give money to politicians who take away access to health care and interfere with decisions about reproductive health. Until they end this nefarious practice, they should not receive our Money! We’re not going to stay silent as a big company right here in our backyard really hurts! No more, “added the Project.

DeAngelis said, “… contributions to elected officials have often been taken out of context and used to advance a narrative that just doesn’t exist. This is especially true when people point out that our political donations go back four years, without clarifying that not all are recent contributions. Past political contributions are by no means a blanket endorsement of an individual’s position on each issue, nor an indication of the direction in which we will direct our future support. “

“We are very transparent about our political donations, publishing an annual report on political activities and contributions on our public site,” he said.

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