Florida GOP congressional candidate pays back campaign after using political donations to pay home electricity and internet bills

  • Amanda Makki is running for US House in Floridaof the 13th arrondissement.
  • She used campaign money to pay for her personal expenses, which federal rules prohibit.

Republican congressional candidate Amanda Makki reimbursed her campaign committee following an Insider report indicating that she had used political money to pay her personal electricity and internet bills – which is prohibited by federal law.

Makki’s new campaign treasurer — the campaign”deleted“The previous treasurer last month — officially confirmed the reimbursement in a letter thursday to Federal Election Commission and blamed unclear federal rules for the incident.

“The FECThe varying regulatory treatment of this type of expense over the years demonstrates that the committee’s error in paying these expenses was reasonable and unintentional,” Makki campaign treasurer Nancy Marks wrote to the agency, which enforces and regulates campaign finance laws.

Makki had used $611 in campaign money for his home electric bill and several hundred dollars in campaign money to pay for internet service. Marks said Makki did so out of a “good faith and reasonable understanding that it was permissible because the committee used his home office seven days a week as the committee’s exclusive campaign headquarters.”

FEC rules to forbid applicants to use donor funds for personal purposes, whether for rent, home Internet access, cable service, personal travel or to pay an energy bill. The commission granted narrow exemptions for cases in which candidates use donor funds to pay for home security or on their phones and computers.

The FEC has not fined or otherwise penalized Makki’s campaign to date. But he could investigate the matter if someone filed a complaint and had already inquired about Makki’s expenses in a letter to his campaign committee.

Makki is a common Iranian-American in Florida’s 13th District, which is currently being held by the Democrat. charlie christ. Florida’s 13th District seat is open as Crist vacates the seat to run for Governor of Florida against the Republican Governor. Ron DeSantis.

Makki faces multiple opponents in Florida’s Aug. 23 primary, including Anna Paulina Luna, who in April won the endorsement of former President Donald Trump. As of March 31, the Makki campaign said it had approximately $514,000 in cash, according to FEC records.