Jacqui Lambie denounces Labor and the Coalition for political donations

Jacqui Lambie has launched an extraordinary attack on major political parties, saying they will ‘sell out their grandmothers’ for one key reason.

Jacqui Lambie blasted both sides of politics, saying Labor and the Coalition would “sell their grandmothers for a brown paper bag” of political donations.

The Morrison government is being criticized for failing to set up a federal anti-corruption agency before the next election.

There are also calls to reform the rules around the money pumped into politics.

Senator Lambie said the two major parties were ‘equally bad’ and should stop receiving political donations.

“Go win your tickets instead of buying them,” she told Today on Thursday.

The Tasmanian Independent said people were unsure whether the Liberal Party was pulling money at major fundraising events.

She also criticized Labor for previous donation scandals involving the party’s NSW branch and former Senator Sam Dastyari.

“The bottom line is…they’ll take money for anything,” Senator Lambie said.

“They will sell their grandmothers for a brown paper bag.

“Until we get these political donations and until we get an ICAC with teeth, we’re going to sit at the lowest point.”

Senator Lambie is one of many politicians calling for a federal anti-corruption agency, which the Coalition promised ahead of the 2019 election.

But Attorney General Michaelia Cash confirmed in Senate estimates this week that the government would not legislate a federal anti-corruption agency before the May ballot.

The Morrison government blames Labor for not backing its proposed model, which the opposition say has no teeth.

Labor is backing a proposal by Independent MP Helen Haines.

Independent MP Zali Steggall also came under fire this week after it was revealed she had received a $100,000 donation from a coal investor.

On one of the last sitting days before the election, Prime Minister Scott Morrison called Deputy Labor Party leader Richard Marles a “Manchurian candidate” before withdrawing his attack.

Reflecting on the heated Question Time, Senator Lambie said Parliament ‘lost the plot’ a long time ago.