Kamala Harris’ triumph has been underestimated by political media

Several women have created a Facebook group encouraging others, regardless of their politics, to wear pearls on the day of the inauguration. The call was made not to uplift any particular party, but to uplift the power of women. And photos of famous women throughout history who proudly donned pearls of all shapes, sizes and colors quickly filled the page: Harris, Barbara Bush, Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, even Wilma Flintstone.

We invited writers, journalists, activists, politicians and experts to tell us what Harris’ election means to them. Read their collection of essays below.

The group has amassed over 411,000 members and counts. Many plan to wear necklaces, earrings and rings inherited from their mother and grandmother or, in some cases, newly purchased for the day (Full disclosure: I am one of them and I will wear my beads and mandrels in honor of Harris).

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The representation is powerful. Women, and especially women of color, have waited generations to finally see themselves at the highest level of government. Harris is not only the first of these women to rise to the second highest office in our country, but she is also the daughter of immigrants. Its history reflects the experience of millions of Americans. Little girls will finally be able to see themselves fully reflected in their government. As Vice President-Elect Harris said in her post-victory speech, “Dream with ambition, lead with conviction, and see yourself in a way that others cannot just because they do.” have never seen it before. “

IN JANUARY we will turn the page on President Donald Trump’s America and welcome hope and optimism back to our country. I know President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris will use their positions to govern with respect and empathy to improve the lives of all Americans. As Harris first addressed the nation as Vice President-elect, my 8-year-old daughter Ilwad turned to me and said, “She looks like me, Mom.

The inauguration of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is a sign that the arc of history is leaning towards the democracy we deserve. It is not about symbolism. These are solutions that will make life better in America, that will leave no one behind.

As a senator, Harris was the sponsor of the National Domestic Workers Bill of Rights Act, federal legislation designed to protect the essential workforce in our homes, a workforce comprised primarily of women from color, whose work is too often undervalued and invisible.

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  • Kamala Harris’ triumph has been underestimated by political media
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