Major US corporations urged to boost political donations by major PAC group

  • A trade body that advises big business PACs wants the companies to reinvigorate political donations, Popular Information reported.
  • The National Association of Business PACs urged members to “go beyond” the Capitol seat.
  • Many companies stopped donations after the siege, including to GOP lawmakers who voted to overturn election results.

According to a report by Judd Legum from People’s Information.

The National Association of Business PACs (NABPAC) has encouraged its members to “get past” the siege by reviving donations, the publication reported, citing internal documents. Group members include more than 250 enterprise PACs, and his advice features representatives from Microsoft, Koch Industries, Kraft Heinz and Cigna.

On January 6, a crowd of President Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the US Capitol in an attempt to stop Congress from certifying Joe Biden’s election victory. Immediately after, many major American corporations severed ties with the 147 GOP lawmakers who voted against the results.

Dozens of companies including Walmart, Amazon, Morgan Stanley and AT&T said they would stop donating to those specific lawmakers, while other companies including Microsoft, Deloitte and Goldman Sachs said rather, they would suspend all political donations to the two Republicans. and Democrats.

Popular Information reported that NABPAC hosted a webinar in March with Republican strategist Michael DuHaime, who advised companies on how to restart donations — and how to communicate this to the public, given that there would be “spillovers.” “.

About 80 PAC company representatives attended the call, including representatives from Delta, Dow and Boston Scientific, Popular Information reported.

DuHaime said companies shouldn’t be forced to stop donating to lawmakers who voted against Biden’s certification, and encouraged companies to “do what’s right for your organization,” according to Popular Information. He publicly said the election was fair and criticized Trump’s inflexibility that the election was stolen.

He added that restarting donations to opponents of the GOP “would most likely be … a one-day affair and most likely you’re not going to lose customer share because of it.”

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According to Bloomberg Government. But recent Federal Election Commission filings show that some companies, including Cigna, Toyota and JetBlue, are continuing to give to lawmakers who opposed Biden’s certification.

DuHaime said that if companies choose to set limits on their PAC donations, they should avoid committing to deadlines because it gives “journalists time to get back to you”, but he added that companies that have already time commitments in place should meet these.

Popular Information reported that the webinar was available at


but has since been deleted, although the post uploaded clips to YouTube.

Racial justice organization Color of Change is urging companies to suspend donations to GOP opponents and asking people to sign a petition encouraging this.

“What we’re seeing is that companies are very, very responsive to consumer concerns,” Jade Ogunnaike, senior campaign manager at Color of Change, told Insider. “We’ve seen companies change their minds on an important issue in moments because consumers reached out.”