Now, an electoral law to control political donations? Government in talks with EC to provide ‘assistance’ for reformsSEXI News

A day after the Election Commission released a proposed form for political parties to detail their poll pledges, Justice Minister Kiren Rijiju said on Wednesday the government was in talks with poll watchers and considering support. legislative. East. “Major electoral reforms” through amendments to the Law on the Representation of the People (RP Law).

The Minister of Justice said India time This “changing times and conditions” necessitates a revision of certain electoral laws which do not guarantee adequate transparency and accountability.

When asked if the election watchdog had consulted the government before making the recent proposal, Rijiju said: “I have already had detailed discussions with the electoral commission to study the main changes in the PR law. and other election rules.” I do The Center will take the necessary measures after due consultation for major electoral reforms according to the evolution of times and the situation.

To reduce the use of black money in elections, the Electoral Commission recently called for the PR law to be amended to limit cash donations received by parties to 20% of their total revenue. He also proposed to reduce the disclosure limit for anonymous donations from Rs 20,000 to Rs 2,000. Although it has received crores of political donations, the BSP has not always claimed individual donations of more than Rs 20,000, to avoid naming contributors.

According to the report, in line with the remarks of the Minister of Justice, the government and the electoral commission are working to put in place comprehensive electoral reforms, as well as amending the PR law to provide the necessary legislative support for these changes. The election commission’s proposal that the parties intend to deliver on their election promises has come under criticism from opposition parties, who say it is outside the purview of the election committee. Congress called it “another nail in the coffin of democracy”, saying that “no social development plan would ever have become a reality if such a bureaucratic approach had taken place”.

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