Poe supports dynasty’s anti-political bills

Senator Grace Poe-Llamanzares said yesterday she was now open to passing an anti-political dynasty law in the Philippines, saying she believed it could help deter politicians and government officials from abusing of their power.

(I think what’s happening in our country is that a lot of politicians have abused it. It would have been nice if we all had the right to choose the path we like),” Poe said.

Citing her experience with her family, she was glad her parents didn’t push her to follow in their footsteps and join show business. Her father, the late Fernando Poe Jr. and Susan Roces are both respectable players in the entertainment industry.

(Not all parents have the same conscience, because others push their children to serve in the government even if they are not qualified. So I think we have to be a little strict),” she said. declared.
Poe said she would take the time to study the various political anti-dynasty bills pending in the Senate, saying she was willing to offer a version that would protect voters’ right to choose their leaders, but with caveats. reasonable warranties added.

“Even the president can’t just appoint a parent or relative to a certain level of inbreeding as added protection. Maybe we could use it that way in terms of political dynasty so there’s no conflict of interest,” Poe said.