Political donations corrupt US elections – The Oswegonian

Politicians receiving donations from corporations, voters and a million other sources is nothing new. In fact, it’s something that comes as a second thought in this modern climate. Politicians are given millions to fight for certain ideas, bills and laws. However, it is this process that corrupts our political system at the base.

While many people in government who are sworn to represent their communities may disagree, money and greed affect every one of them. According to opensecrets.org, during the last presidential election, outside sources raised over $300 million to fund former President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign. These donations surely affect the way candidates design the programs they offer.

This issue isn’t just one side of the aisle either. In the last election, it was reported that President Joe Biden’s campaign was the first to reach $1 billion from donors alone. Political differences aside, none of these candidates should have received any of that money. A study by an assistant professor of managerial economics and decision sciences at the Kellogg School, found that “the likelihood of an individual business leader donating to a congressman increased by 11% when this legislator was given a committee assignment making it “policy relevant” to the donor’s business.

This reinforces the point that the idea of ​​political donations is inherently wrong and also, not entirely the fault of the politicians themselves for accepting them. In fact, the big problem is that political donations have become so commonplace, corporations are aware of this pattern, and the ruthless nature of corporate executives wastes no time trying to get up.

Historically speaking, it was candidates’ money that financed the “campaigns”, which always has its own problems. Since the beginning of our country, it is always those who have the most money who make the decisions for the others. The only solution to this problem is capping cash campaigns. While there may be no way to stop the tsunami of political donations that has crept into every crevice of our system of government today, limiting the amount candidates are allowed to spending has a chance of benefiting those who have ideas for money.

What happens when money controls government is that good ideas that may be plain and simple, get drowned out because someone may not have the millions and millions to stand on.

While capping the amount candidates are allowed to spend doesn’t completely reduce this, it has the ability to stop politicians and corporate executives from spending so much to drown out other ideas. The American people deserve to hear ideas. of a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds, not just two people born into money or born into politics.

It should say a lot to the average person that over $14 billion was spent in the previous fight against the White House and Congress in 2020. This amount of money is unfathomable and most likely completely disheartening for young scholars , thinkers and politicians whose ideas may be more apt to lead a country.

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