Political donations to lawmakers down 24% in 2021: data

SEOUL, 25 Feb. (Yonhap) — Political donations to lawmakers last year were down 24.3 percent from a year earlier, data from the state election watchdog showed Friday.

Financial contributions to lawmakers reached 40.7 billion won ($33.8 million) last year, up from 53.8 billion won in 2020, in the April 15 legislative elections, according to the National Election Commission ( NEC).

Lawmakers received an average of 135.2 million won in donations last year, compared to 179.4 million won in 2020.

By party, members of the ruling Democratic Party (DP) received an average of 142.1 million won, while those representing the main opposition People’s Power Party collected 131.9 million won. Legislators from the Progressive Justice Party and Minor Opposition People’s Party received 153 million won and 60 million won in donations, respectively.

A total of 113 lawmakers received more than the donation cap of 150 million won. Under the law, parliamentarians can collect more than 150 million won if they raise funds through online payments or credit cards, but no more than 20% of the limit.

DP Rep. Ki Dong-min raised the most funds with 176.1 million won, while DP Rep. Jeon Hae-cheol made no donations as he closed his donation account after becoming a minister. inside.

Meanwhile, donations to headquarters of 29 political parties totaled 5.1 billion won last year, according to the NEC.

The PPP had the most with 1.4 billion won, followed by the Justice Party with 998 million won. The DP collected only 561 million won.