Riley Moore becomes Treasurer of West Virginia; the family political dynasty spreads

CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – “I, Riley McGowan Moore, I solemnly swear …”

And along with this 40-year-old Republican, Riley Moore has become West Virginia’s new state treasurer.

Moore, who is the grandson of the late three-term Governor Arch Moore, previously served one term in the House of Delegates. He says one of his top priorities is to launch the state’s medical cannabis program, even though it was approved four years ago. Part of the heist was getting a legal banking program to process the funds.

“There was a delay in selecting a financial institution to manage this money. And look, that’s enough. We no longer need delays in this program. We will do everything we can to get this program fully up and running as quickly as possible, ”said Treasurer Riley Moore, (R) West Virginia.

Moore defeated 24-year-old Democratic treasurer John Perdue, a man widely respected in both parties.

“We’re going to return $ 20 million to the general revenue fund, and $ 10 million will come from unclaimed property,” Treasurer John Perdue, (D) West Virginia said in an interview on Jan. 14, 2020.

While Perdue has increased the state’s children’s college savings fund by 529, Moore also plans to expand it further into the skilled trades.

“This will be a very big program that will allow trades and professions out of school to save money for tools, licenses, equipment and certifications in the state,” said the Treasurer Riley Moore, (R) West Virginia.

Riley Moore is also the nephew of US Senator Shelley Moore Capito and the first cousin of House Judicial Speaker Moore Capito.

“With the election of Riley Moore, Republicans now control West Virginia’s six constitutional offices,” said Mark Curtis, chief political reporter for 13 News.

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