Startup: Madison Company’s App Reveals Political Donations Made by Shoppers’ Favorite Brands | Economic news

Goods Unite Us wants more businesses to get that green boost, Wuest said. For her, companies should not spend at all on politics.

“Corporate money is a lot of people’s money, and it’s not being spent in a way that’s consistent with the votes and the voices of all those people,” Wuest said. “It distorts the power of (corporate) voice. It exaggerates (the voice of the company) and allows them to have a bigger impact.

Corporate spending on politics was bolstered by the US Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision in 2010, which allowed corporations and unions to spend unlimited amounts supporting or opposing political candidates.

Goods Unite Us makes it easy for users to spot whether a company supports Democratic or Republican causes and candidates. Soul Cycle Stationary Bike Gym donates most of its political contributions to Republicans.

Goods unite us

Consider some of the best toilet paper brands. Angel Soft donates a lot of money to political campaigns, according to Goods Unite Us, and those contributions primarily support Republican candidates and causes. Cottonelle doesn’t give much to politics, but when it does, that money supports Democrats. Charmin, on the other hand, is a big spender, but the money goes both sides of the aisle.

Good Unite Us began as a website for consumers to purchase products from companies that donate to political causes aligned with consumer policy. When products were selected, users were then linked to those products on